TNT Express launches Direct Express in Europe

Amsterdam - TNT Express launched a new, cost effective road distribution solution in Europe called Direct Express. This new solution offers customers that ship high parcel volumes a faster, more flexible and reliable service by means of a direct connection to TNT’s domestic network in the destination country.

Direct Express is a solution where shipments are collected directly from the customer and then transported on a dedicated vehicle to TNT’s domestic infeed point in the destination country, bypassing the depot and hub in the origin country. TNT’s domestic network in the destination country then delivers each parcel door to door, on time and in perfect condition.
With Direct Express, customers of TNT Express benefit from the dedicated process and higher cost efficiency, while enjoying the reliability, unrivalled reach and renowned customer experience of TNT’s domestic networks in Europe. Bypassing the origin country depot and hub offers the customer more flexibility in collection time, enabling a better adaptation to the specific needs of the customer. At the destination, TNT offers the receivers a wide array of delivery possibilities, by 9:00 am, 10.00 am, noon or by the end of day, all serving their specific requirements.
“TNT is proud to be the first company to offer this product with a true European-wide coverage thanks to our strong domestic networks throughout Europe”, says Jan Willem Breen, Director Marketing and Sales of TNT Express. “The most efficient route is a direct route and travelling fewer kilometers saves time and money, and has a smaller impact on the environment. Meanwhile, our customers enjoy the high customer experience which they can expect from TNT, such as increased reliability, end to end visibility and control and more flexibility in collection times.”