TNT third-time winner of Henri Sijthoff Prize for best financial reporting

Amsterdam - The annual report of international mail and express delivery company TNT has for the third time received the Henri Sijthoff Prize for best financial reporting. Dutch newspaper Het FD awards the prize annually to companies that distinguish themselves through their financial reporting. TNT also won the prize in 1996 and 2004.

On accepting the prize, CEO Peter Bakker strongly advocated giving account to all stakeholders of a company: “In their annual reports companies should not just give account of their financial performance to their shareholders. Information on the well-being of their workforce, such as employee engagement and sickness absence, is also key. Customers need to get an indication on the customer satisfaction at a company, and a company’s corporate responsibility efforts must be crystal clear to society at large”.
To demonstrate this form of accountability reporting, Bakker mentioned that TNT would incorporate its annual corporate responsibility report into the company’s standard annual report. The result will be presented in TNT’s annual report on 2009, to be published in 2010. For environmental reasons, only a limited number of copies of this annual report will be printed. It will also be available on a specially designed section of TNT’s website.
In the event of any conflict or discrepancy between this press release and the original Dutch version of this press release, the Dutch version prevails.