Fierce and fair competition at TNT’s 2009 Drive Me Challenge final

Amsterdam - TNT organized the third Drive Me Challenge final on the illustrious MIRA track in the United Kingdom on September 30. Sixteen contestants, who were selected as the best local drivers through national pre-rounds, teamed up with operational managers for a fiercely competitive and good-spirited final round of this annual challenge. Drivers shed sweat and tears in their effort to win the coveted title of TNT’s fastest, most fuel efficient, safe and customer oriented driver in the year 2009. The teams from the Dutch TNT Post organization were the clear winners occupying the top three positions.

The annual Drive Me Challenge is an exciting and engaging worldwide competition for drivers, both employed by TNT and sub contractors. Participants are assessed on three elements: to drive as fuel efficiently and safely as possible while providing an excellent customer experience. The Drive Me Challenge is more than just an event. It is an experience that makes participants extremely proud, smile and sometimes even emotional.
For more information on the Drive Me Challenge, please download the enclosed backgrounder. This backgrounder explains the Drive Me Challenge in further detail; i.e. the objectives, the governing CO2-reduction programme Planet Me and TNT’s corporate responsibility strategy.