Urgenda, TNT, Eneco and Tendris launch a tender for 3000 electric vehicles in three years

Sustainable front runners initiate large-scale purchasing consortium for electronic transport in order to stimulate high quality and affordable mass production.

Amersfoort, Night of Sustainability – Initiative takers Urgenda, TNT, Eneco and Tendris launch a tender for electronic vehicles. Together with the pioneering consortium partners ABN AMRO, Delta, Essent, Facilicom, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Municipality of Leeuwarden, ING, JCDecaux, the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, NUON, Philips, Port of Rotterdam, the Province of Friesland and Triodos Bank today almost 3000 cars were ordered. For this purpose, a new independent purchasing consortium of Dutch companies and organisations has been established under the supervision of the Urgenda Foundation. The consortium's objective is to challenge car manufacturers to manufacture electronic transport on a large scale by creating a large scale, continuous and substantial demand. Companies and organisations are invited to participate in the tender.

The consortium will invite leading manufacturers of electronic cars to submit bids in November and it expects delivery in 2010. Three types of vehicles will be purchased based on agreed specifications; a small and a large commercial van and a passenger car.
Peter Bakker, CEO of TNT, "TNT participates in this tender in order to be able to arrive at an accelerated general use of electronic transport, which at present is the most promising technology with which we can drastically reduce our CO2 footprint."
Jeroen de Haas, CEO of Eneco, “Our commitment is substantial, not only will we be switching to electronic vehicles ourselves by replacing our vehicle fleet with electronic commercial vans, we will also facilitate the charge spots, the NRGSPOTs. As an energy company, we have a sustainable strategy and in this manner, we can put this strategy into practice."
Ruud Koornstra, Partner at Tendris, “we are convinced that the sustainable revolution is irreversible. Against the current of the old economy, a growing number of sustainable products are being developed. In addition to the sustainable generation of energy, led lighting, a large sustainability demand on the part of the consumer and government support, electronic driving is now also a fact. I have been driving electronically for months now and, as a car-lover, I am very enthusiastic. It is fun, green, fast and, as a result of this tender, soon also financially attractive. Remotion aims to make it possible for private individuals and small companies to also participate in the tender as everyone must participate."