German Federal Administrative Court: ordinance postal minimum wage null and void

Amsterdam/Leipzig - Today the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, Germany, ruled that the ordinance on the postal minimum wage of EUR 9.80 is null and void. The basis for this decision is that the German State failed to give TNT Post in Germany the opportunity to make written comments prior to the issuance of the ordinance, as required by law.

After two years time and three court proceedings TNT is pleased that this unjust ordinance has now finally ceased. TNT has always been in favour of fair minimum wage arrangements and continues to apply the labour conditions as agreed with the Christian Postal Services and Telecommunication Union (CGPT).

Currently a final review for TNT Post in Germany is being undertaken. This is done in the context of the expected market development including the outcome of this minimum wage court case and the developments regarding the VAT exempt position of the incumbent. TNT expects to give a further update by the time it announces the full year 2009 results on 22 February 2010.