TNT Post changes its brand name to PostNL

The Hague – After receiving official approval from the General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 May, TNT Post will continue as an independent mail company from 31 May 2011 under the new name PostNL. The company is pleased and proud to be able to continue carrying the ‘Royal’ (Koninklijk in Dutch) designation.

The focus of PostNL is on the mail, parcel and e-commerce market in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Italy. Harry Koorstra, CEO of PostNL states, “The choice of mail, parcels and e-commerce is a logical one given our activities. Consumers are increasingly ordering goods online, with the result that we are witnessing a drastic increase in our parcel delivery business, national and international. Mail, in the form of direct marketing and door-to-door advertising, is a key link in the e-commerce chain. We are also increasingly directing our efforts towards supporting e commerce, by offering ready to use webshops, for example, and by taking on the entire logistics chain for online retailers. We are helped along by our reputation as a reliable company, and by the fact that we have the largest network of outlets in the Netherlands. We see our company as an essential link between the physical and the online world. We have plenty of opportunity to develop this further and to grow along with it.
“Our new name PostNL symbolises the reliability and down to earth approach of our company. This name does justice to our past, something we are very proud of. By the same token we emphasise that we are a true Dutch company, with ambitions that go beyond mail and operations that reach beyond our borders. Our three-sided logo symbolises the heart of our company, with mail, parcels and e-commerce at the core.”
The colour of PostNL’s new corporate identity will remain orange. The new corporate identity will be used in all Royal PostNL’s communications from 31 May. The company fleet, staff wear, postal outlets and other company resources will be rebranded in stages, gradually becoming a familiar sight over the course of the year. Outside the Netherlands rebranding will be carried out at a later stage.