PostNL reaches final agreement on CLA for mail deliverers

The Hague – PostNL has reached agreement with trade union BVPP on a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for mail deliverers. The CLA offers higher pay to employees who remain with PostNL as mail deliverers for a longer period. The starting salary follows the trend in the minimum wage. Mail deliverers can now also take unpaid leave.

Furthermore, the existing rules have been clarified regarding when mail deliverers will be compensated for having to wait for their mail. The clarification also applies to when mail deliverers do not have sufficient time to complete their delivery round.
The CLA will run from 1 January to 31 December 2012.
PostNL is pleased to have reached an agreement on a CLA for its mail deliverers, a key group of part-time employees currently totalling over 17,000. With the agreement PostNL has reached a new milestone in achieving fair conditions of employment in the mail deliverer sector.
PostNL has also discussed the CLA with the unions Abvakabo FNV and CNV Publieke Zaak. They, however, have not signed the agreement because PostNL is not willing to automatically link salary increments for mail deliverers, who have been employed for a longer period and earn more than the minimum wage, to the development of the minimum wage.