Mail deliverer Hans bikes 13,000 kilometres for charity

Cycling tour delivers over 80,000 meals to African children

The Hague – After biking for 248 days in total, mail deliverer Hans Jansen arrived in Chikwawa (Malawi) yesterday. He started out on his "bike trip" from his home in Vlissingen in southwestern Netherlands on 15 August last year and, in the eight months since, he has cycled 13,000 kilometres. His aim has been to collect as much money as possible to donate to the World Food Programme’s school meals initiative in Malawi. In total he has raised nearly €18,000, enough to pay for over 90,000 school meals in Malawi.

His cycling tour took Hans through The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenia and Tanzania. “A cycling tour like this is more about foregoing than enjoying. Enjoy is what you do later. No matter how hard it gets, you know that it will all be worth the effort once it’s over and done. It’s amazing that you can raise the money for more than 80,000 meals with the power of your legs alone,” says Hans Jansen in Malawi.
PostNL has been a sponsor of the school meals programme (part of the UN World Food Programme: WFP) in Malawi since 2004 and this is what inspired Hans Jansen, mail deliverer at PostNL in Vlissingen, to bike his way to this African country. The company's involvement in WFP gave him the idea of undertaking a sponsored cycling tour to raise money for Malawian school children. All proceeds from his bike tour will go to WFP.
In recent years many PostNL employees have contributed to the World Food Programme in a variety of ways, by fundraising in the Netherlands and raising awareness of world hunger, for example, or by working as a volunteer on location in Malawi.