Anneke Grönloh receives the first postage stamp 'Netherlands & Indonesia - No Borders'

The Hague – Today, the Netherlands' very first teenage idol, Anneke Grönloh, received her own stamp. The world-famous singer of Indonesian descent shares a stamp with Andy Tielman. The stamp was presented to her by Annerie Lekkerkerker, PostNL's Director of Retail & Consumer Market. The stamp is part of a three-set series 'Netherlands & Indonesia - No Borders', which highlights the relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia.

The issue consists of three stamp sheetlets with three different themes: literature, architecture and performing arts. The sheetlet with the literature theme focuses on the influence of historical ties between both countries on literature. The sheetlet with the architecture theme expresses the mutual influence of modernist Dutch buildings and the decorated Indonesian temples. The sheetlet on performing arts concentrates on music and the puppet plays of Java. The stamps display six main characters that played an important role in the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia in these three fields.

Paging back through time

To designer Renate Boere, the layered structure of the stamps was a must from the start: a theatre environment with a stage, a background canvas and a back-stage. The stage is reserved for the main characters of the stamps. ‘After all, individuals are usually responsible for cross-pollination; persons rooted in both cultures, or who are in-between both cultures.


The stamp sheetlets architecture, literature and performing arts contain six different stamps with the value indication World 1. The stamps are available from Bruna shops, the Collect Club in Groningen and online at as of 13 August, and have an indefinite term of validity. In addition to the stamp sheetlet with 10 different stamps, a stamp booklet and a first day cover* will also be issued.
* a NVPH product