Stamps marking 125 Years of the Dutch Salvation Army encourage compliments

The Hague – PostNL is issuing a special stamp sheet to mark the 125th anniversary of the Dutch Salvation Army. Arno van Bijnen, Retail & Consumer Market Director at PostNL, presented the stamp sheet to commissioner Hans van Vliet, Commander of the Salvation Army for the Netherlands and Czech Republic. The presentation took place today, 1 March, at Plein Square in The Hague, where this special anniversary and National Compliment Day were being celebrated.

The Salvation Army wants the anniversary stamp to be used to show appreciation and make people feel good. Commissioner Hans van Vliet called on everyone at the gathering to give compliments. Dutch politicians Arie Slob, Ronald Plasterk and Anouchka van Miltenburg stuck the first stamp on a giant compliment card designed specially for the occasion.
The compliment card is intended for emergency service workers, such as ambulance, fire and police staff, but also other people who deserve a compliment. The Salvation Army handed out this card, in the form of a postcard featuring an anniversary stamp, to all those present.
The Salvation Army 2012 stamp sheet contains ten identical stamps and a margin featuring different images of the organisation’s work. The stamps themselves show a photo of a Salvation Army soldier who has given a bowl of soup to a homeless man, a timeless and immediately familiar image of the help the Salvation Army provides. The sheetlet header includes the logos of the Dutch Salvation Army and PostNL, flanking the Army’s anniversary slogan in Dutch: Doen wat we geloven, al 125 jaar, which translates as “We’ve been doing what we believe in for 125 years”.
The stamps are available while stocks last from Bruna bookshops, the Collect Club in Groningen, and online at The stamps are valid until further notice.