Sending Christmas card contributes to customer acquisition

The Hague – Sending Christmas cards greatly contributes to improving the brand recognition of independent entrepreneurs. This is one of the findings of a survey among self-employed entrepreneurs, SMEs and Dutch consumers. According to the survey, a Christmas card sent by an entrepreneur even ensures that one in eight companies or consumers would rather choose this entrepreneur.

Small independent entrepreneurs generally do not have sufficient budgets to send their relations Christmas presents. A Christmas card is a good and affordable alternative to be attentive during the festive season. According to the survey, 50.4% of the customers receiving a Christmas card feel more appreciated. Moreover, 25% of the respondents believe that a Christmas card adds to a more personal relationship with the entrepreneur.
Almost half of the Christmas cards received remain on the customer’s desk for three weeks on average. Sending a Christmas card is therefore a perfect way to obtain or retain a favoured position.