New PostNL rates from 1 January 2013

Increase business and consumer rates (stamp price to 54 euro-cents)

The Hague – PostNL is introducing a number of changes to postage stamp rates. From 1 January 2013 the basic rate for letters in the Netherlands will increase by four euro-cents to 54 eurocents. The basic rate for letters in Europe will increase to 90 euro-cents, a five euro-cent rise. As already communicated at the end of 2011, the rate for the December stamp this year will increase to 40 euro-cents. The rates for the business market will increase by 5% on average.

For franking machines, the basic rate for letters within the Netherlands increases with three euro-cents. For bulk mail, the rate change differs per product, but on average, there is an increase of around 5%.
The tariff changes are necessary because of continuous volume declines. The adjustments made to the consumer rates are within the legal limits for tariff development and have been reviewed by the OPTA (Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority) regulator.
Notwithstanding the rates change, PostNL still maintains one of the lowest postage rates in Europe (see enclosure European letter price survey for 2012). The full report is also available for download.