Nicolette van Dam heartens the Netherlands

PostNL unique initiative 'From the heart' shows how Holland feels

The Hague – Nicolette van Dam launches the website today, wherein PostNL collects the social sentiment of The Netherlands. The website is a unique initiative that collects all emotionally based twitter messages and thus shows ‘real time’ how the Netherlands feels. The Dutch are able to buck each other up by responding to appealing emotions through the website. As ‘Twitterer of the Year 2011’, Nicolette van Dam will personally comment daily on the twitter messages that appeal to her the most.

Every day PostNL, together with Nicolette van Dam, offers the person with the most reactions to his or her emotion a postbag full of physical cards. All online comments are handwritten on these cards. The website is part of the launch of and demonstrates how you can surprise someone with mail. What indeed is better than when you're sad or happy or just relieved, to find a card or parcel on the doormat and know that someone is thinking of you?
Although the number of cards sent in the Netherlands is decreasing, sending a card is still in the number 1 preferred position for receiving birthday congratulations. The card is also still the most popular for Christmas, New Year and speedy recovery wishes. 71% of Dutch people send a card every now and then, and the average Dutch person receives 60 cards per year, half of which consists of Christmas and New Year cards.