Stamps 2013; Dutch writers in the limelight

The Hague – In the first half of 2013, PostNL will again issue various special stamps, including stamps on the themes of Dutch writers and windmills. In addition, several stamps will be issued in celebration of special jubilees, such as the 100th anniversary of Burgers Zoo. Next year, the Beautiful Netherlands series will include stamps on local dress.

The complete PostNL issue schedule for the first half of 2013 (subject to change) is as follows:
2 January
  • Personal Stamps (gummed) 2013: Reinier Paping
  • Personal Stamps (self-adhesive) 2013: Squirrel
28 January
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013 Staphorst*
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013 Bunschoten-Spakenburg*
  • 125th anniversary Arcadis/Royal Netherlands Land Development Society (Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemij)
25 February
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013 Marken*
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013 Walcheren*
  • 100th anniversary Burgers Zoo
25 March
  • Now that deserves a greeting card!
  • 1001 Women
22 April
  • Europe Stamps: Mail delivery vans
  • Dutch writers
20 May
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013: Noordwest-Veluwe*
  • Beautiful Netherlands 2013: Collective sheet*
17 June
  • World Blood Donor Day
  • Windmills in the Netherlands
*) These stamps will only be available locally.