125 years Carré on stamps

Amsterdam – Today, PostNL presented the 125 years Carré stamp sheet. Arno van Bijnen, interim director Commerce, presented the first copy of the stamp sheet to Madeleine van der Zwaan, director of Carré. The 125 years Carré stamp sheet is issued to commemorate the jubilee of the Royal Theatre Carré, which opened its doors on 3 December 1887. The sheet features the major types of performances that are characteristic of the wide range of performances staged at the Royal Theatre Carré.

Each stamp bears a silhouette of one of the forms of entertainment by which the Royal Theatre Carré has distinguished itself in the past 125 years. There are illustrations of the façade and the interior of the building, Oscar Carré’s circus horses (high school dressage), modern ballet, popular music, musical, variety theatre, classical ballet, circus and cabaret with a silhouette of Dutch cabaret artist Toon Hermans.

Toon Hermans as a symbol for Carré

Designers Edgar Smaling and Carlo Elias: “We have come to the conclusion that only one artist could be symbolic for Carré, and that is Toon Hermans with his one-man show – the man who was also the major source of inspiration for all those who came after him. This is why we used Toon Hermans as a point of departure. He is also the only individual who is recognisable on the stamp sheet.”


The stamps are available from 10 September at the Bruna shops, at Collect Club in Groningen and online via www.collectclub.nl. The stamps have an indefinite term of validity. In addition to the sheet with ten different stamps (value 1), there are two stamp booklets, a so-called ‘prestige booklet’ as well as two first-day covers.*

Royal Theatre Carré

The Royal Theatre Carré on the river Amstel in Amsterdam opened on 3 December 1887 by founder and circus director Oscar Carré. In the past 125 years, Carré has grown into the theatre of theatres in the Netherlands for large-scale circus performances, revues, variety theatre, music performances, musicals and cabaret. Celebrities like Louis Davids, Lou Bandy and Josephine Baker performed at Carré, where Toon Hermans introduced his one-man show, and where in our time André van Duin and Youp van ’t Hek are always good for a full house.
* a NVPH product