PostNL changes top structure

The Hague – PostNL announces that it intends to modify its top structure. The proposed Board of Management will consist of 2 members, CEO Herna Verhagen and CFO Jan Bos. There will also be an Executive Committee (EC) of 4 members who are responsible for the daily management of the business.

With an effective and efficient management structure, there is a better distribution of responsibilities and a better connection to the challenges the business faces. The composition of the team is in line with our strategic objectives and our desired culture. The Works Councils have been asked for advice on the proposed decisions.
The proposed Board of Directors will consist of the CEO and the CFO. Gerard Aben will retire in the first quarter of 2013. His successor will not be a member of the Board of Management.
In light of the proposed top structure, Ger Jacobs and Pieter Kunz have decided, in consultation with the Board of Management, to continue their careers outside PostNL. The responsibilities of Ger Jacobs will be taken over by Arno van Bijnen (member of the management team of Mail Netherlands Commercial) for the time being. The proposed successor of Pieter Kunz is Albert Rodenboog.
Additionally, the Board of Management has appointed Marcel Krom as director International.
The new EC will consist of : Gerrit Mastenbroek (director Parcels), Albert Rodenboog (director Operations Mail Netherlands), Arno van Bijnen (acting director Commercial Mail Netherlands) and Marcel Krom (director International).
Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL states: "The new top structure and the proposed appointments are in line with the strategic objectives of PostNL and the challenges we face. Furthermore, these changes are a catalyst for the desired changes in culture. I regret the decision of Ger Jacobs and Pieter Kunz to leave PostNL and I will miss them as colleagues. A long and close collaboration comes to an end”.