Stamps on the occasion of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander

The Hague – On 1 May 2013, PostNL will issue two inauguration stamps on the occasion of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. The newest inauguration stamps differ from their predecessors (1898, 1948, 1980) in several important respects: they are smaller and self-adhesive, and the design is typographical. PostNL will issue the permanent stamp later this year in honour of the new King.

King Willem-Alexander's first two initials are shown on the inauguration stamps. The stamp with value indicator '1' has the colours of the Dutch flag with a red initial 'W', a white background and a blue initial 'A'. The stamp with value indicator '2' has the same monogram but with a blue initial 'W' and a green initial 'A'. The inauguration stamps were designed by Piet Gerards Ontwerpers in Amsterdam.

'The blue-green combination was chosen on purpose. The blue is a reference to King Willem-Alexander’s interest in water management and the green represents the attention he demands for the sustainable solutions to the problems our planet is facing,' the designers Piet Gerards and Maud van Rossum explain.

Earlier stamps created by Piet Gerards featured Dutch Art in the 17th Century (1999), Dutch plant nurseries (2001), Dutch cultural heritage (2002) and the 100 Years Bond Heemschut stamp sheetlet (2011).


The stamps have the value indicators '1' and '2' for mail up to respectively 20 and 50 grams with destinations in the Netherlands and come in booklets of five and ten stamps. Subject to stock being unsold, the stamps are available at all post offices, resellers, at Collect Club in Groningen and online via The stamps have an indefinite term of validity. The Beatrix stamps will remain available while stocks last.

2013-04-19 Kroningspostzegel Willem-Alexander 1

2013-04-19 Kroningspostzegel Willem-Alexander 2