Stamps to mark 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace

A tribute to a worldwide icon of peace and justice

The Hague – As part of the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Director of the Peace Palace Library, Jeroen Vervliet, has been presented with the first Peace Palace 100th anniversary stamps, handed to him by PostNL's Consumer Market Director, Yme Pasma. The stamps show a number of remarkable details from artworks inside the Peace Palace.

"The Peace Palace is one of the main worldwide icons of peace and justice. The International Court of Justice is based here, for example," Yme Pasma from PostNL explains. "So celebrating its centenary is a great occasion for PostNL to highlight this important anniversary for the Netherlands and The Hague with these stamps."


The stamp sheetlet features the motto 'voor vrede door recht' [Peace through Justice] illustrated by linking ten works of art to ten themes relating to the concept of peace. It is a sheet of ten stamps, each with a value denomination of 1, for mail within the Netherlands. This value denomination also serves as the first figure of the number of the anniversary: 100. The first circle shows remarkable detailing from an artwork in the Peace Palace. The second circle contains the motto 'voor vrede door recht', and within that the theme in question. Five of the stamps highlight the five virtues that underpin or promote peace: friendship, unity, industry, justice and truth. The other five stamps depict things which can only thrive or even survive in peace: the arts, free trade, prosperity, science and security.

A look inside the Peace Palace

The Peace Palace 100th anniversary stamps were designed by Mart Warmerdam, of Mart. Warmerdam Design. He explains: "I intentionally decided against using the famous silhouette of the Peace Palace, and instead chose to zoom in on the interior of the building. That way I can show that the Peace Palace is about more than the outside of the building and its distinctive architecture. Inside you also see a lot of beautiful and often very symbolic things." Warmerdam has ample experience designing Dutch stamps. For instance, he was responsible for the 1989 and 2002 summer stamps.


The new stamps will be available from 9 September 2013 for as long as stocks last at the Bruna shops, at and at the visitors centre of the Peace Palace. They have a indefinite term of validity, and are marked 'Nederland 1', the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands. As well as the stamp sheetlet itself, two stamp booklets, a prestige stamp book and two first day of issue envelopes* will also be released.

* A NVPH product

2013-08-29 Aanbieden postzegels Vredespaleis

2013-08-29 Postzegelvel Vredespaleis