Thousands of mail deliverers ready for millions of Christmas cards

Princess Beatrix receives first Christmas cards at Huis ten Bosch

The Hague – PostNL is completely ready to process and deliver an expected 145 million Christmas cards over the coming weeks. Princess Beatrix received her first Christmas cards at Huis ten Bosch this morning. Mail deliverer Tycho Verwayen was delighted to present the military police with a pack of various coloured Christmas cards.


As well as Princess Beatrix, millions of Dutch people will receive Christmas cards again this year. Despite digitisation, the Dutch en masse are retaining the tradition of sending handwritten, personal Christmas cards. It is expected that 90% of households in the Netherlands will send Christmas cards again this year, with an average of 37 cards per family. This means that on the busiest day of the year around 16.7 million Christmas cards will be delivered. Facts and figures about the role of Christmas cards and the coming period at PostNL are given in the enclosed infographic.

Personal Christmas card

Mail deliverer Tycho Verwayen also thinks it's remarkable that he can already deliver so many Christmas cards to Princess Beatrix. "It makes people happy to receive personal postcards, certainly at Christmas. Next to family and friends it’s really nice to surprise special individuals with a postcard, such as Princess Beatrix. As mail deliverers, we’re ready to deliver the Christmas wishes throughout the Netherlands again."

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2013-12-09 Overzicht kerstdrukte 2013