Pupils send Christmas cards from school en masse to grandpas and grandmas

The Hague – Pupils from 7,977 primary schools in the Netherlands have this week all been sending free, handwritten and personal Christmas cards to their family or friends. PostNL delivered 70 Christmas cards with December stamps to the primary schools as part of the 'write a Christmas card' school campaign. This campaign allows group 4, 5 or 6 pupils to experience how special it is to write and send Christmas cards to people who probably didn't expect to receive one.

The St. Jan School in Amsterdam went a step further in sending Christmas cards. On top of the national initiative, they devised a campaign to make even more people happy. Residents of the adjacent old people's home, De Klinker, were all delighted and surprised when the postman delivered unexpected handwritten Christmas cards from group 4, 5 and 6 pupils. Teacher Sophie de Vreeze supervised the campaign in her group. "It was fantastic to see how completely involved our pupils were with sending Christmas cards. It was great to see how much attention the children had for writing Christmas wishes to the De Klinker residents."

Thankful for a great time

Meret, eight years old and from group 5a, has sent a nice Christmas card to her uncle and cousin. "We often do fun things together. The last time we went swimming. I want to thank them for that with this postcard and wish them a happy Christmas."

Ms Vuist from care centre De Klinker was happily surprised with the unexpected Christmas cards. "It is very nice to know that children think of you in this way. I always make Christmas cards myself and send a lot of postcards. People often call me a busy bee."

Personal attention

Pupils from other primary schools also sent extra Christmas cards in addition to PostNL's school campaign, for example to people close to them but whom they don't see daily. Arno van Bijnen, PostNL’s Commercial Director, finds the number of schools participating to be overwhelming. "Christmas is one of the most important times to pay attention to each other in a personal way. Christmas cards really contribute to that true Christmas feeling. 

Under the motto 'what's learned in the cradle lasts to the grave' PostNL wants to use this initiative to make children enthusiastic about sending a personal Christmas card to family or friends. 

It’s good to see that almost 8,000 primary schools are participating enthusiastically and sending Christmas cards en masse. It would be really fantastic if pupils received cards in return, so that they can experience the joy of receiving", said Van Bijnen.

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