Unique stamps on the occasion of the succession

The last stamp of Queen Beatrix and the first stamp of King Willem-Alexander

The Hague – Today, PostNL presented the first stamps with respect to the historical moment at which Queen Beatrix will be succeeded by King Willem-Alexander. The product is a diptych with the last stamp of the Queen and the very first stamp of the King. At Royal Joh. Enschedé, the stamps were revealed hot from the press today by the Director of PostNL Consumer Market, Yme Pasma.

In addition to five stamps of the Queen and five stamps of the King, the Royal diptych comprises some special photographic material of mother and son. The stamps can be ordered online directly. The stamps of the Queen will be available as from 25 March, and the first stamps of King Willem-Alexander will be available by mid-May 2013, after his inauguration.

The stamps

A photograph of the Queen’s inauguration on 30 April 1980 serves as a white and gold background for the sheet with the five Queen Beatrix stamps. On the five identical stamps, the Queen is portrayed in profile on a photo in the colours white and royal blue. The Queen faces to the right.

A photograph of King Willem-Alexander's inauguration on 30 April 2013 will serve as a white and silver background for the sheet with the five King Willem-Alexander stamps. This stamp will be available as from mid-May 2013. On the five identical stamps, the King is portrayed in profile on a photo in the colours white and orange red. The King faces to the left.

Yme Pasma, Director Consumer Market of PostNL: "Traditionally, the images of Dutch sovereigns and other members of the Royal Family have always played a major role on the stamps of PostNL. We are very pleased and honoured to be part of this historical moment. The inauguration of a new head of state calls for a new stamp, just like the special stamps that were issued on the occasions of the three previous inaugurations in 1898, 1948 and 1980."

From mother to son

Designer Meike Nip from Ping Pong Design says she has used the special aspect of the succession as a guideline in her design. "It is not just the changing of the guard, with the Queen being succeeded by the King. There is also the extra element of a mother’s abdication in favour of her son. These are people of flesh and blood, united by their mutual love and affection. Besides the solemnity of the moment, I also want to emphasise the family ties. On the one hand, the tradition, knowing that from the moment of your birth you are predestined to succeed your mother; on the other hand, the intimate family relationship. This is why mother and son face each other when you put the sheets side by side. They exchange a look of understanding: the responsibility is passed on."


The diptych is available online via www.postnl.nl and at the Bruna shops. The designation on these stamps is 'Nederland 1', which means that they are for items of mail weighing up to 20 grams destined for addresses in the Netherlands. The stamps have an indefinite term of validity.

More Royal stamps

Immediately after King Willem-Alexander’s inauguration, PostNL will issue an inauguration stamp. This stamp will be an interim stamp until PostNL issues the permanent stamp later this year in honour of the new King.

2013-02-08 Troonswisselingpostzegels Beatrix

2013-02-08 Troonswisselingspostzegels Willem-Alexander