UPS Anticipates European Commission to Prohibit Acquisition of TNT Express

The Hague – PostNL has taken notice of the press releases issued today by UPS and TNT Express, that indicate that the European Commission has informed UPS and TNT Express that it is working on a decision to prohibit the proposed acquisition of TNT Express. In its press release, TNT Express indicates that UPS informed TNT Express that UPS sees no realistic prospect that EC clearance can be obtained and that UPS will not pursue the transaction on any other basis.

Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL: "The transaction between UPS and TNT Express would have maximised the value of our stake in TNT Express. If upon a formal decision of the European Commission, the acquisition of TNT Express is not pursued, we expect that we will monetise the stake over the medium term to create better value for shareholders, after we have seen stability return to TNT Express."

As a major shareholder of TNT Express, PostNL will fill in this role in the best interests of PostNL and our shareholders. In the meantime, we will continue our daily business as planned, including the reorganisation in Mail Netherlands and the rollout of the new logistics infrastructure in Parcels.