New postage stamp to commemorate 125th anniversary ARCADIS and Heidemaatschappij

The Hague / Arnhem - Today PostNL launches the 125 year anniversary ARCADIS and KNHM stamp sheetlet, in collaboration with Arcadis NV Holding / ARCADIS Netherlands. On 17 January, the first stamp sheetlet was presented by Yme Pasma (Retail and Consumer Market Managing Director) to Neil McArthur (CEO ARCADIS NV Holding) and Clemens Cornielje (KNHM Chairman and Queen’s Commissioner for the province of Gelderland). The sustainability event organised by ARCADIS on 17 January served as the setting for the presentation.

The stamp sheetlet was issued to celebrate the founding of the Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij in 1888. This association was founded by private persons for the purpose of developing agricultural land, reforestation of sandy areas and improving the employment.

Each of the ten stamps on the 125th anniversary ARCADIS & KNHM sheetlet features a photograph of a prestigious ARCADIS or KNHM project. The ten projects featured illustrate the wide range of activities of both organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Designers Nadji van den Broek and René Kuijpers of Werf3 in Amsterdam: "For a project like this you can always show an attractive photo" says Nadji, "but we found that it really comes to life once you’ve read and heard more about it. The fly-over at Millau is a good example, where the entire community was against at first. Only later did they welcome it when they discovered the benefits it brought. If you place background information like that on the edge of the sheetlet, it’s gone as soon as the stamp is used. The person receiving the letter with the stamp doesn’t get to see this essential information. That’s why we integrated the text on the stamp itself. This also explains the elongated design of the stamp".


The stamps are available at Bruna outlets, the Collect Club in Groningen and online via The stamps have an indefinite term of validity. The designation on these stamps is 'Nederland 1', which means that they are for items of mail weighing up to 20 grams destined for addresses in the Netherlands. In addition to the two stamp sheetlets, two stamp booklets and two first day covers* will also be issued.

2013-01-28 Overhandiging Arcadis

2013-01-28 Postzegels Arcadis