PostNL offers 1700 jobs for people distant from the labour market

The Hague – PostNL helps about 500 people distant from the labour market to get a job in mail delivery. This is the result of an agreement between PostNL, network organisation Locus and sector organisation Cedris. It concerns people from a social employment organisation or on welfare who will be working as a part-time mail deliverer. A similar previous agreement with Locus also offers jobs to more than 1,200 of such employees in the new parcel sorting and distribution centres.

State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL, met a number of enthusiastic employees from the company Promen in Gouda and the Haeghe Groep in The Hague. These employees have been working at the parcel depot or as mail deliverers in their respective districts in The Hague for over a year now. Employees from social employment organisations are seconded to PostNL on a long-term basis. The social employment organisation is responsible for recruitment, training and the daily scheduling and supervision on the work floor.

Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL: "Part of the social policy of PostNL is the creation of jobs for people distant from the labour market. The labour processes at Mail and Parcels are very suitable for these jobs. It is our experience that these motivated employees are doing a great job as mail deliverers. To ensure successful employment of people distant from the labour market, the accompaniment of social employment organisations is crucial."

Partnership PostNL, Locus and Cedris

PostNL, Locus and Cedris have come to an agreement on a long-lasting partnership in the Netherlands. Locus and Cedris bring together PostNL, specific municipalities and their social services and social employment organisations in the region. With the specific knowledge and skills available in the Locus network, all parties involved can also get to work in other regions in a good way.

Hanne Overbeek, managing director of Locus: "Working as a mail deliverer is a useful, independent and healthy job. We know from experience that also people with a labour impairment, who work at a social employment organisation, can develop to be mail deliverers. For people on welfare working as part-time mail deliverer, this is an excellent first step on the labour market. Applying for a position from a job is easier than from a social-security situation."

Employees at some distance from the labour market

It concerns employees from social employment organisations with a labour impairment and to whom the Dutch Social Employment Act (WSW) applies and people on social security (Work and Assistance Act, WWB). These people will only be employed when PostNL has local vacancies available. Next to that, local social employment organisations should have employees available that are suited for this works. In addition, PostNL continues to recruit part-time mail deliverers the regular way.

PostNL has already started to employ people distant from the labour market in Eindhoven, Ede, Alkmaar and Groningen.