Graphic Design students design stamp

The Hague – Graphic Design students at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem are going to design the new business stamps for PostNL. The design project is part of their final exam programme 2013. The stamps with values '1' and '2' will be available in early 2014.

PostNL issues self-adhesive stamps with a neutral image, especially for business users. The stamps come on rolls of 100 and 200 pieces and have the values '1' and '2', for mail items weighing up to 20 and 50 grams respectively with destinations in the Netherlands. The current business stamps have been in use for three years now, and PostNL is going to replace them with the cooperation of the Graphic Design students at ArtEZ. It is not the first time that students design a stamp. In 1997, students at the Sandberg Institute designed the December Stamp.

Well-considered design

Design has long played an important role in PostNL communication. Every single day, every person in the Netherlands consciously or unconsciously comes into contact with the design of stamps, postboxes and staffwear. This design is to express PostNL’s quality, its customer-oriented approach and innovative strength. With this design policy PostNL has played a major role in the development of design in the Netherlands. This practical project commissioned to the students at ArtEZ Graphic Design is perfectly in line with this policy.

Art education in society

"Graphic Design at ArtEZ wants to involve society in art education," says Thomas Castro, head of Graphic Design in Arnhem. "Intensive collaboration with national and international organisations and companies is essential for the further development of our education. The collaboration with external partners yields great results. This order is a fine example."