PostNL launches special Saint Nicholas stamps with ginger-nut aroma

Colourful stamps designed by Max Kisman

The Hague – Designed by Max Kisman to commemorate the annual Saint Nicholas children’s holiday, these festive stamps perfectly capture the Saint Nicholas spirit. If users rub across the stamps, a delicious aroma of ginger nuts - a typical seasonal Saint Nicholas treat - is released. Letters and cards mailed to the good Saint during the Saint Nicholas season will be given a special cachet with these limited-availability festive stamps.

The stamp sheetlet includes ten stamps featuring five illustrations depicting the classic story of Saint Nicholas, including the Saint on his horse and the moon shining through the trees. Max Kisman's signature design, with its exuberant drawings in bright colours, will get everyone in the Saint Nicholas spirit, with the ginger-nut aroma completing the experience.

Joyful design for colours and letters

Designer Kisman wanted to capture and highlight the joyful spirit of the holiday, and Saint Nicholas songs are certainly part of its tradition. Kisman designed letters featuring musical notes especially for the occasion: "I added a little extra dynamic by making the letters dance - it gives the stamps a special kind of rhythm.” The stamps have turned out to be very contemporary in their design, with pictograms that everyone will be able to recognise instantly."

Kisman previously designed the Welfare Stamps in 2007, the December Stamps in 1994, and the Red Cross Stamp in 1987.

Letters to Saint Nicholas

From today, children can start getting their pens and pencils out and send their drawings, wish lists and exciting stories to Saint Nicholas, in keeping with tradition. The Saint's team of personal assistants - who work in a place called Sinterklaashof ("The Court of Saint Nicholas") - receive around 10,000 letters a year, and they make sure all the children who write in receive a personal message from Saint Nick. This year’s special stamps are sure to get their letters and cards noticed. Letters to Saint Nicholas should be addressed care of: Sinterklaashof, postbus 368, 5670 AJ Nuenen.


The new stamps will be available - while stocks last - from outlets of the Bruna book and stationery chain from 4 November. They are also available from

On purchasing a sheetlet of Saint Nicholas stamps from a Bruna outlet, customers will receive a card addressed to Saint Nicholas, also designed by Max Kisman.

The stamps are valid until further notice and are marked ‘Nederland 1’, the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for mail within the Netherlands.

A new stamp booklet, commemorative booklet and first-day cover envelope* will be launched along with the stamp sheetlets.

*An NVPH product.

2013-11-01 Postzegelvel Sinterklaas