Humberto Tan and Ilse de Lange tops Dutch people’s Christmas card list

Eight in ten Dutch people send Christmas cards

The Hague, the Netherlands, 9 December 2014 – An impressive 84% of Dutch people intend to send Christmas cards to friends and family this year, with many feeling that this tradition remains an important part of the holiday season. A survey amongst Dutch people conducted by Direct Research and commissioned by PostNL reveals that people are happiest to receive unexpected Christmas cards (85%) and cards containing a personal message (82%). The survey also found that TV presenter Humberto Tan (11%) and singer Ilse de Lange (10%) are the most popular celebrity to send a Christmas card to.

Holiday season’s most popular celebrity 

Nearly 25% of respondents would like to send a Christmas card to Humberto Tan and Ilse de Lange as a token of their appreciation. In addition, 20% would give this famous Dutch an outlook or advice for 2015 with a Christmas card. 

Personal attention 

PostNL’s Consumer Market Director Barry Husman understands perfectly why the likes of Humberto Tan, Ilse de Lange and Guus Meeuwis make up the top 3 Dutch celebrities with whom people would most like to share their holiday wishes. “I feel it’s all part of the spirit of the times, in which we all crave authenticity and meaningful human contact. All three of these celebrities are warm personalities who have remained grounded and down-to-earth despite their considerable success. Those qualities appeal to people and make them want to give back some of that warmth and kindness this time of year – it’s all about taking the time to give people genuine attention. Receiving a Christmas card is still the best Christmas gift of all.” 

First Christmas cards 

Mail deliverer Gerda Kuipers is happy to see the Christmas season now officially underway at PostNL. “This is always a very special time of year for us, during which we all work very hard to make millions of people across the country happy with season’s greetings from friends and loved ones.”

2014-12-05 Humberto Tan and Ilse de Lange tops Dutch people’s Christmas card list