Thanks to Flespakket (special bottle packaging), fragile items can now also be ordered online and delivered without hassle

The Hague – Online shopping is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands, but until now there has not been an affordable and convenient option for sending bottles. PostNL and DM Productions have jointly developed a new digital delivery platform for bottle shipments and corresponding packaging that is both affordable and unbreakable. This new product removes a major obstacle to online wine shopping for both retailers and wine lovers.

When developing a new type of packaging, the transport of a fragile product, namely eggs, was taken as the starting point.
In addition to the packaging, a completely new online platform has also been developed that makes it even easier to order packages and prepare shipments. A number of free plug-ins are also available that enable the integration of both functionalities into existing webshop software like Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce and SEOshop.

Online retailers can find detailed information on the new packaging at Retailers do not have to make any investments or maintain a large inventory of the new packaging. The system simply lets them know when inventory is running low and needs restocking.
Since the test results were so positive, PostNL has decided to offer free standard insurance for each use, providing a 100% guaranteed damage-free delivery.