Delfts blue ceramic stamp presented to Mayor Verkerk

The Hague – PostNL presented the new Delfts blue ceramic stamp to Delft Mayor, Bas Verkerk, today. The Netherlands holds a special position in ceramics production, which is the reason for this year’s stamp series issue about the five prominent Dutch ceramics towns. Today the issue of the fifth stamp takes the centre stage – ceramics from Delft.

Immediately after the presentation of the first copy, Mayor Verkerk gave the recently-formed city council his good luck wishes by sending his new colleagues a personal greetings card about Delfts blue. The card was of course stamped with the new Delfts blue stamp.

Ceramics from Delft

The stamps depict details from one of the Delft pottery items. Designer Rutger Fuch explained: "For this stamp design, I searched for that one detail that is so characteristic of Delftware. I found this in a flower vase with spouts. The image of the heron at the waterside also clearly highlights the craftsmanship of the Delft potters." All the subtle Delfts blue colours enabled Fuchs to be really creative: "This enabled me to fill the background of the stamp with various 17th and 18th Century Delftware items, including dishes, a basket, a tea canister, a bird cage and a group of dogs."