PostNL and trade unions reach agreement in principle for CLA mail deliverers

The Hague, 2 October 2014 – PostNL and trade unions BVPP, Abvakabo FNV and CNV Publieke Zaak have reached an agreement in principle regarding a new CLA for mail deliverers. The agreement includes provisions for salary increases and a cost allowance. The CLA will go into effect retroactively as of 1 January 2014, and will remain in effect until 30 September 2015.

Salary increase
As of 1 January 2015, a new salary grade will be introduced.  This will apply to mail deliverers who from the age of 23 years have been employed for five or more consecutive years. As soon as the new CLA is approved, the first and second salary grades will be increased retroactively by 0.8% as of 1 January 2014 and 0.9% as of 1 July 2014. This will only apply for mail deliverers who still are employed. Another 0.9% increase will follow on 1 January 2015.
On 1 July 2015, the first, second and third salary grades will be increased by 0.4%.

Finally, a fixed net cost allowance of € 70 annualy will be disbursed in quarterly payments as of 1 April 2015 to those mail deliverers that have been employed for at least six months. The parties have also agreed on a method for claiming holiday hours and overtime.
The agreement in principle is expected to be approved at the member council meeting ultimo October.

Albert Rodenboog, director Production PostNL explains: “This new CLA agreement in principle is in particular beneficial for the mail deliverers who have worked for us for a longer period of time, to underline our appreciation to them. The agreement is also in line with our objective of keeping the cost level of our employment benefits manageable, with a view to a healthy and solid future for our postal company.”