Willeke Alberti launches Nationaal Ouderenfonds ‘Who will you think of this Christmas?’ campaign

Make thousands of elderly people happy with a Christmas card

Amsterdam, 7 December 2015 - Nationaal Ouderenfonds (National Foundation for the Elderly) launches Christmas campaign together with PostNL with the aim of making thousands of elderly people happy with a surprise Christmas card. The ‘Who will you think of this Christmas?’ campaign appeals for people across the Netherlands to send Christmas greetings to one of the three million elderly people in the Netherlands. Sending these cards is free via the special website postnl.nl/ouderenfonds. The campaign runs from 7 to 21 December 2015.

Willeke Alberti

Willeke Alberti fully supports the #aanwiedenkjij campaign: “Throughout the year I regularly send cards with congratulations or get well soon wishes to friends and family. December is the time to think about those elderly people who could really benefit from some additional attention. That’s why I’m calling on everyone to participate in this campaign. Together we can ensure that we surprise thousands of elderly people with a Christmas card this year!” 

How does it work? 

Everyone can send a Christmas card to an elderly person in the Netherlands via postnl.nl/ouderenfonds until 21 December. Simply write your Christmas greetings and send the card. PostNL mail deliverers will then ensure that the card is delivered to the elderly person. Participation in this campaign is free. 

A small effort, a grand gesture 

Director of Nationaal Ouderenfonds, Corina Gielbert: “Hundreds of thousands of elderly people can benefit from some additional attention. We can use this campaign to let them know that we are thinking of them. And that’s important, because loneliness among elderly people is a big problem. Sending a card is a small effort but is a valuable gesture that can really make someone’s day.” 

The ‘Who will you think of this Christmas?’ campaign is part of a long-term collaboration between Nationaal Ouderenfonds and PostNL. For further practical details visit postnl.nl/ouderenfonds.