Committed to sustainable delivery – the next phase

The Hague, 3 November 2015 - Today, PostNL presents its view on the market, developments and insights in the future strategy of PostNL and the development of its financial position.

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Key take aways 

  • We delivered on our promises, transforming PostNL into an efficient, flexible, customer oriented and financially healthy company over past few years 
  • PostNL’s ambition is to be the postal & logistic solution provider in chosen markets 
  • Achievement of this ambition supported by value creating and customer focussed ambitions of segments Mail in the Netherlands, Parcels and International 
  • Three substantial growth domains identified close to PostNL’s competences with potential to further strengthen results after 2020 
  • Financial strategy focussed on strengthening financial position 
  • Committed to restore dividend as early as possible and create long term shareholder value

Ambition 2020 - Outlook 2016 

  • Ambition 2020: underlying cash operating income between €265 - €335 million* 
  • Outlook 2016: underlying cash operating income between €220 - €260 million*, reflecting effects of regulatory measures, volume protection, sustainable delivery model and expected higher restructuring cash outs and implementation costs ahead of cost savings.
  • After 2016, results are expected to gradually improve towards 2020
*Excluding results of German activities as strategic review is in progress

CEO statement

Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL: “We have made significant progress in transforming PostNL into an efficient, flexible, customer oriented and financially healthy company over the past few years. By building on our core competences, we are prepared for the continuously changing markets in which we operate. At the same time, we have strengthened our quality, customer satisfaction and employee engagement, creating an attractive place to work for our people and a company that is committed to making the lives of our customers easier.
Our 2020 ambition is being the postal & logistic solution provider in chosen markets. This overall ambition is being supported by the focus within our segments. In Mail in the Netherlands we remain focussed on delivering a sustainable cash flow and we will balance the expected volume decline with an increased cost savings ambition and price increases well above inflation. In Parcels our focus is on creating further profitable growth by strengthening our position as leading e-commerce logistics company in the Benelux. In International, we focus on further building Nexive’s position in the Italian market and capturing opportunities of accelerating global e-commerce growth, which will result in enhanced cash profitability.
Furthermore, we see upward potential for our results beyond 2020 in three substantial growth domains which are close to our competences.
By combining these ambitions with the strengthening of our financial health, we invigorate our commitment to restoring dividend and creating long term shareholder value.”