22,000 solar panels on sorting centres PostNL

40 percent of energy requirements produced by solar panels

The Hague, 2 June 2016 - PostNL and Eneco are cooperating closely on realising PostNL’s sustainability ambitions. Most important part of this cooperation is the installation of 22,000 solar panels by Eneco on the roofs of PostNL's 19 parcel sorting and delivery centres. Today, the first installation on the sorting centre in Den Hoorn will be put in operation. The other sorting centers will follow during the course of next year.

PostNL zonnepanelenAll together, the solar panels will produce approximately 4.8 million kilowatt hour of green energy per year, which is the equivalent of the energy consumption of around 1,500 households. The 1,160 panels that Eneco will install on each sorting centre will produce 40 percent of the energy requirements of these centres. 

Gerrit Mastenbroek, Managing Director Parcels and Logistics of PostNL: ‘When all the solar panels have been installed, PostNL will be one of the largest producers of solar energy in the Netherlands. This is an important step towards realisation of our sustainability ambitions.’ 

Growing interest 

Bram Poeth, director Eneco Business to Business, notes that there is growing interest in solar panels in the business sector: "We are helping more and more large companies to reduce the impact of their in energy consumption on the climate. It is only logical that companies with buildings that have large roof areas, opt for a solution that includes increasingly better and cheaper solar panels. It is expected that the decision of PostNL, a frontrunner in the area of sustainability, to use solar panels on such a large scale will boost this development."