Agreements in principle regarding collective labour agreements for PostNL and for Saturday deliverers

The Hague – 13 October 2017 - PostNL and the trade unions Bond van Post Personeel (BVPP), CNV Publieke Diensten and VHP2 have reached agreements in principle regarding the PostNL collective labour agreement (CLA) and the CLA for Saturday deliverers. Parties agreed on salary increases of in total 2.6 percent, to be implemented in 5 steps in 2017 and 2018. Additionally, parties agreed on a generation pact and employment opportunities.

Duration and salary increases

The new PostNL CLA will apply from 1 April 2017 to and including 31 December 2018. In addition to the salary increase of 2.6 percent in total, it has been agreed that every full time employee will be paid a one-time compensation of 50 euros net in December 2017. Part time employees will receive a minimum of 25 euros net. It has also been agreed to further stimulate mobility within PostNL. The new generation pact enables a group of older employees to continue working: they can choose to continue working 60 percent of their contract, receive 80 percent of their wages and build up 80 percent of their pension.

For Saturday deliverers the same duration and salary increase have been agreed.


BVPP, CNV Publieke Diensten and VHP2 will positively submit both agreements in principle to their members for approval. The outcome of this consultation is expected to follow in November. Trade union FNV Publiek Belang has not signed the agreements in principle, but will submit them to its executive members. The CLA for PostNL applies to almost all of the PostNL employees in Parcels, Mail in the Netherlands and Head Office. Postal deliverers have a separate CLA.