From groene post to net-zero CO₂ shipping

Delivering your mail and packages sustainably from door to door

We are always aiming for higher sustainability standards at every stage of your post and parcel delivery journey. As a step towards this, from 1st January 2022 PostNL will no longer use ‘groene post’ (Green Mail) as a service. Instead we will continue to deliver door-to-door with net-zero CO₂, without any additional charges to your customers.

Use the new net-zero CO₂ logo

Let your customers know that your mail and parcels are delivered with net-zero CO₂. That's why we offer you a new logo. You can use this for envelopes, shipping labels and packaging. There is also a new statement that you can use to demonstrate that your mail and parcels were delivered with net-zero CO₂.

Download the new logo – in Dutch (zip) Download the new statement (pdf)

Questions and answers

What does 'net-zero CO₂' mean?

What is PostNL doing to reduce its CO₂ emissions?

How does PostNL compensate for its CO₂ emissions?

I still have letters/envelopes with the old groene post logo. Can I still use them?

I would like to continue sending groene post. Is that possible?

What sustainability actions can you do yourself?

Would you like to get started on making your mail more sustainable? The tips below will help you with this.

  • Use a clean address file. By carefully checking and deduplicating your address file, you prevent unnecessary misaddressed mail and return mail. We can help you with that. 
  • Use recycled paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. Only paper from sustainably managed forests will have an FSC or PEFC label. 
  • Collaborate with suppliers who have an environmental management system. Setting requirements on suppliers creates a chain reaction, which means that we make the entire chain greener. 
  • Avoid using an unnecessary amount of ink colours. While ink is becoming more environmentally friendly, minimal use is always the most sustainable. 
  • Print your mailing on both sides. Everyone is already used to it: double-sided printed paper – and as a bonus, this also saves you half the paper. 
  • Avoid unnecessary plastic and packaging material. Plastic and foil are non-degradable and also require quite a bit of energy during production.