Voorjaarsklassiekers 2022

The spring classics are just around the corner!

That means we’ve got another busy programme ahead of us. Easter, King's Day, Ascension, Whitsun: each a classic in its own right. It all comes down to teamwork.

Ode to the spring classics

A cyclist won’t make it without the help of his or her team mates - they all play their part in the greater success. The same applies to you and to us: by working together effectively, we can ensure that we get through the busy spring period with flying colours. “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

Together, we are a team. That’s why we’ve put together even more tips and inspiration to help you this year. Watch our inspirational video.

PostNL-bus pakket

Get into the (equal) flow!

To get to the other side of these classic spring events without hitting any snags, it’s as important as ever to ensure an equal flow. You can do this by spreading out your promotional periods, adjusting your delivery promise and spreading deliveries over different days and weeks. This will help you avoid the busiest times. It’s the only way we can process all parcels and post on time and make sure they reach your recipient.

Why does it matter?
  • Reduced peak load, because the workload is spread out
  • The workload is more evenly distributed for your customer service
  • A better overview and more control
  • Together, we ensure the best possible quality and meet customer expectations.

Racing tips

There’s no question that we’re going to cross the finish line, but how do we make sure we get the most out of these spring classics as a team? Doing so requires the necessary preparation and training, from both us and you. That’s why we have put together a list of our top racing tips.

Adjusted handover and delivery days

With all the spring classic events in our programme, you can expect adjusted handover and delivery days for post and parcels. It’s important to factor this in to your schedules. It will prevent your parcels and post being held up - and any disappointment for your customers.

Scheduling pickup appointments online

Mijn PostNL lets you plan all your pickup appointments yourself. You can request additional volume or cancel a pickup appointment at any time. You’ll also find an overview of all your pickup appointments. Mijn PostNL shows you the time slot in which we will pick up your shipments, as well as how many roller containers we have scheduled for you.