Ready for those final

metres of the year?

Together we’re going to make the year-end sprint legendary!

The year-end sprint has started again!

You’ve already seen how those final metres count. That’s why we’re helping you to make your year-end sprint legendary. Whatever your discipline, whatever success you want to achieve, we’re here for you.
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An ode to the sprint

This year we have even more inspiration and tips for you to make the final months of the year count. Why not follow the example of the year-end sprinters who have already done it before? Watch our motivational video.

The Little Green Bag

In this episode, Frank Evenblij will be reporting from The Little Green Bag, where the amateur football team VVSB is spending the day helping out. Curious to find out what game-day tactics they use to ensure a legendary final sprint?


In this episode, Frank is bringing along a real, live final-sprint legend: speed skater Annette Gerritsen. Her legendary final-sprint is captured in a photo finish. And that's exactly why we visited… Albelli. Expert in immortalizing memorable moments.

Get in the (even) flow!

To get everything out of those final metres, it’s important to make sure that the flow is even. You can do this by spreading out your campaign periods, altering your delivery requirements and spreading drop-offs across various days and weeks. By doing this, you’ll avoid the busiest times! This is the only way that we can process all the parcels and mail on time and that they reach the recipients.

Why is this important?

  • A lower peak load as the work is spread out.
  • Better distribution of the workload for your customer service department.
  • A clearer overview and more rest.

By doing this, together we’ll be able to achieve the best possible quality and meet customer expectations.