Handling your Bulk Mail via MijnPost

From 9 May 2016 onwards you can only use MijnPost for preparing your Bulk Mail. This will make pre-alerting, validating, sorting and tendering your Bulk Mail a lot easier. It also means that you can arrange everything in one central, online place. 

To ensure that the migration runs smoothly all information you need to get started is listed below.

Discover MijnPost 

Go to MijnPost and log in using your username and password.
Go to MijnPost

Bulk Mail step-by-step card 

Tender your sorted Bulk Mail with MijnPost in five easy steps. This PDF leaflet explains exactly how to do this.
Download the PDF step-by-step card


If you need more information this detailed manual is just what you need. It tells you how MijnPost works and how you can pre-alert, validate, sort and tender your Bulk Mail.
Download the PDF manual

Contact us 

We try to provide you with as much information as possible. However, if you still have questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Account Team or visit the MijnPost helpdesk on postnl.nl/mijnpost. You can also call us on +31 88 868 68 68.

Your benefits

  • MijnPost is available 24/7 
  • You’ll always be up-to-date 
  • One central point for your Bulk Mail: pre-alert, validate, sort and tender 
  • Better overview and quicker handling of your mailings