Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus (business)

Read frequently asked business questions about the coronavirus.

FAQ's about coronavirus from consumers


Can I get infected by the coronavirus if I touch a parcel or item of post?

Is the availability of PostNL points kept up to date through the API?

What happens if a sorting centre closes?

Do you have information that I can put on my website? How do I communicate with my customers?

My delivery is time-critical (food, medical, funeral). Can you guarantee that you will deliver on time?

Are there enough people to deliver post and parcels?

How will I be kept up to date in the event of changes and new measures?

Postal workers can no longer access my letterbox. What will happen to my post?

What do I do about my existing pick-up and delivery appointments if my location closes?

What is your working method for contactless delivery of shipments that require identification (18+ shipments)?

International shipments

What is happening with post and parcel deliveries in Belgium?

Can I still send post and parcels to countries that are closed for passenger transport?

Are international deliveries of post and parcels delayed at the moment?

I have sent my shipment with signature upon receipt. What will happen to it now?

In the Netherlands, there are guidelines for physical contact between the delivery worker and recipient. Are guidelines being implemented abroad?

What are you doing with post that cannot be delivered to international destinations at the moment?

My post has arrived in the destination country. What happens if it can’t be delivered?

Many countries have shut their borders. Can my parcels still be delivered?

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