Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus

Read frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.


Will you continue to deliver mail and parcels?

Can I get infected if I touch a parcel?

What is PostNL doing to prevent further spread of the virus?

Will I be informed if delivery is suspended in my area?

What happens to my parcel if a location is isolated?

What about deliveries to the Wadden Islands?

Receiving parcels

Can I still expect my parcel to be delivered?

How do I avoid physical contact with the delivery man / woman?

What about deliveries that require identification?

PostNL point

How do I avoid physical contact when picking up a delivery at a retail location?

What if I refuse to sign?

My PostNL point is closed. Where can I pick up my parcel now?

How can I collect mail addressed to my PO box?

Can someone else pick up my delivery?

International delivery

Can I still send mail and parcels abroad?

What about registered mail?

In the Netherlands guidelines have been issued that govern physical contact between delivery person and recipient. What is the situation in other countries?

What happens if my international mail cannot be delivered?

I’d like to have my mail returned to me immediately

What happens if my mail has already arrived in the country of destination?

Will delivery continue now that so many countries are closing their borders?

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