Temporary surcharge for destinations outside of Europe (consumers)

These FAQs are aimed at consumers and small business owners that deliver their international shipments to our PostNL points or through jouw.postnl.nl. The coronavirus measures being taken globally affect our international service provision. We are not delivering to some destinations at all at the moment, and for other destinations we are offering alternative transport. There are often other costs connected to this. From 17 April 2020 onwards, we therefore have no choice but to charge a temporary surcharge for shipments with destinations outside of Europe (Rest of World rate zone).

FAQs on business surcharge


What is the surcharge that I now have to pay?

Why do I suddenly have to pay extra for my international shipment?

Which countries are you not delivering to at all at the moment?

Are other postal companies across the world experiencing the same thing?

Does the surcharge apply to all international shipments?

Why do I also have to pay more for an insured parcel within Europe?

Which alternative mode of transport are you using?

Is my shipment delayed?

How long will the surcharge apply?

Is the surcharge the same for all shipments?