How does the NL crypto stamp work?

Learn more about how the NL crypto stamp works.

How do I activate my NL crypto stamp?

You can activate your NL crypto stamp in 2 ways:

  1. Scan the QR code on the front of the NL crypto stamp with the camera on your phone.
  2. Or go directly to and enter code [1] and code [A].

How do I open the packaging of the NL crypto stamp?

The packaging is secure, so you cannot see the colour of the digital twin from the outside. To remove the crypto stamp from the packaging, carefully tear off the 2 perforated sides. Please note that an NL crypto stamp with opened packaging cannot be returned.

In what colours is the NL crypto stamp's digital twin available?

On the outside, all physical copies of the NL crypto stamp look the same, but your digital twin has its own colour. You'll discover its colour when you activate it. You can collect a total of 5 different colours, and some are more rare than others:
  • Red: 1,400 (1%)
  • Yellow: 9,334 (6.7%)
  • Blue: 18,666 (13.3%)
  • Green: 37,334 (26.7%)
  • Black: 73,266 (52.3%)

How do I discover the colour of my digital twin?

You cannot see the colour of the digital twin from the outside. Each physical stamp has a QR code that sends you to the website for its corresponding digital twin. If you want to discover the colour of the digital twin, first activate your NL crypto stamp by scanning the QR code. Because of the extra secure packaging, it is impossible for anyone else to scan your NL crypto stamp.

How do I activate the augmented reality feature?

The NL crypto stamp has a built-in NFC chip that allows you to activate 2 AR images: a sleeping bull and an active bull. The virtual bull remains asleep until you unwrap your NL crypto stamp or scan the QR code on the front side of the stamp. This is how you wake him up:
  1. Active your smartphone's NFC reader.
  2. Hold your smartphone near your NL crypto stamp.
  3. Once your smartphone has read the NFC chip, click on the button ‘AR'. You will be directed to the website.
  4. When requested permission to access your camera, reply ‘YES’.
  5. The sleeping bull will now appear! As soon as you've activated the camera, you can move it around to place the sleeping bull in an open space around you.
  6. Now you can move, turn or reduce the size of the bull by tapping it with 2 fingers and moving them around. That's how you wake him up!