NL crypto stamp in the wallet

If you want to store, trade or sell the digital twin somewhere, you need a wallet. This is a virtual (crypto)wallet that you create yourself. Then you add the NL crypto stamp to your wallet. This enables you to create a digital stamp album! Check out our guide to store the NL crypto stamp in your wallet.

Which wallet can I use?

You can choose from various wallets for the NL crypto stamp. The most commonly used is MetaMask. This cryptowallet can be downloaded as an app or used via the Chrome and Firefox browsers. The option of adding a wallet is already built into the Opera and Brave browsers. You can then link your wallet to the right network via

Do I need cryptocurrency to store the NL crypto stamp in my wallet?

You don't need any cryptocurrency to store your collection, because the NL crypto stamp comes with its own wallet. If you want to sell or transfer the NL crypto stamp, you have to transfer your asset (NFT) to another wallet or owner. You then have to pay a minimum transaction fee to the network.

How can I put other crypto stamps in my wallet as well?

You can put various other crypto stamps in your digital wallet through Metamask. To do this, follow the instructions on your stamp.