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Mail not delivered correctly

Did you receive mail that was not intended for you? Then there are two possibilities:

  1. Mail has been delivered at the wrong address
  2. Mail has been delivered at the correct address, but is addressed to someone else. This is what you can do.

Mail has been delivered at the wrong address

Our apologies, this is not supposed to happen! You can simply put the wrongly delivered mail back in the orange PostNL mailbox, or drop it off at a PostNL location. We will make sure it is correctly delivered again.

Mail addressed to someone else

You have probably received mail for the previous residents. You can send the mail back to the sender. You do this as follows:

  • Cross out the addressee
  • Write on the envelope or card ‘return to sender’ in Dutch: ‘Retour afzender’
  • Deliver the letter back to an orange mailbox or to a PostNL location
  • We will return all mail to the sender, even if you have written down the new address of the addressee.

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