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Mail with track & trace not delivered

If your mail with track & trace has not been delivered yet, you can do the following:

1. Check the status of your mail

Go to track & trace or open the PostNL app on your phone. Enter the Track & trace code and zip code of the recipient. You usually receive the Track & trace code from the sender.

Are you the sender? You will find the track & trace code on the proof of shipment that you receive when you deliver your mail to a PostNL location.

2. When will we deliver your mail?

We usually deliver mail with track & trace on the next delivery day (Monday to Saturday), but always within two delivery days. So there is a good chance that your mail will still be delivered.

3. No mail after two delivery days?

Then you can contact the sender with our customer service. Our colleagues then look for a solution.

Are you the recipient? Then ask the sender to contact us.

What is mail with track & trace?

Mail with track & trace includes the following types of mail:

  • Registered mail
  • Insured mail
  • Payment on delivery
  • Priority mail
  • Letterbox-sized packet

Enter the track & trace code below and follow your mail item.

Track en trace PostNL

Track your item


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