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Shipment ‘is delivered’ but nothing is received

Is your shipment delivered according to track & trace, but you haven't received anything? You can read below what could be going on.

Shipment does not fit through the letterbox

Good chance that the parcel has been delivered to the neighbors. We always do this when we cannot deliver a parcel to your home. The parcel can of course also be received by someone else living at the same address. In that case, the deliverer will leave not at home card stating the address at which the parcel was delivered.

Shipment fits through the letterbox

For the deliverer it is sometimes handy to scan all the parcels that fit through the letterbox in one go. So don't worry: the shipment will probably be delivered later in the day.

No parcel after two delivery days?

As a sender you can contact our customer service using the options below. Our colleagues will then see if they can find your parcel.

Are you the recipient? Then ask the sender to contact us.

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