International Packets

Flexible solution for small international deliveries up to 2 kg

International Packets is the perfect solution for businesses and online retailers that regularly send small parcels (max. 2 kg and roughly the size of a shoebox) to international destinations. As part of our International Packets range we offer three different options: our most affordable Packet Basic service, our fast and reliable Packet Tracked service, and our premium Packet Extra service which requires the recipient to sign for delivery. All three options offer the reliability of PostNL’s high-quality worldwide distribution network.

Larger or heavier parcels? More options for parcel delivery.

Choose your preferred delivery option

Packet Basic Cost-effective solution

Our most affordable worldwide delivery solution, perfect for low-value items.

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Packet Tracked Fast and reliable

A fully trackable service for added peace of mind

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Packet Extra Premium service

A service designed for highly valuable shipments, which offers the security of a signature for delivery.

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How does it work?

Follow these steps to send your International Packets.

1. Make sure your packets meet the size and weight requirements

Max. size: 90 cm (length + width + height)
Max. length: 60 cm
Max. weight: 2 kg

2. Make sure that your packets are prepared and addressed correctly

To ensure timely delivery, packets should be prepared according to predetermined specifications. Please refer to the design specifications. 

Also, depending on the chosen delivery method, a logo and / or PostNL barcode is required:

Packet Basic
Packet Tracked
Packet Extra
Priority logo
Postal Exprès logo
PostNL barcode

3. Be sure to provide the required documentation

For international deliveries outside the EU, you are required to fill out a customs form. Use a CN 22 form if the total value of your shipment is less than 425 euros. Otherwise, a CN 23 form should be used.

4. Hand over your packets for delivery

How and where to hand over your packets depends on your location. Please contact us for more information.

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