FAQ's Mijn PostNL

Bulk mail

How can I pre-alert new bulk mail?

How can I select a product code for my bulk mail?

How can I finalise my bulk mail?

Consult the guidelines  Pre-alerting bulk mail

Invoices and order confirmations

Where do I find the PDF of the order confirmation?

I currently check my offers daily using the order confirmation PDF. Can I still do this?

In the former module I could see whether PostNL had made any amendments to my pre-alerted order. Where can I see this now?

I get an error message when I request the report. What’s the reason for this?

Consult the guidelines   Downloading invoices and order confirmations

Registered items

My overview of sent items disappeared. How can I view my sent items again?

Where can I find the module for registered barcodebooks?

Do I still have to use the P1700 order form?

If I click on the registered mail module, I enter the parcels & freight module. Is this correct?

Why is it that I can't select recipients for multiple destinations?

Why do I have to fill in customs information?

Do I still have to use the red sealbag?

Where can I find the proof of shipment?

How can I import registered items?

How can I pre-alert domestic registered items?

How can I pre-alert international registered items?

Consult the guidelines  Import parcel shipment
Consult the guidelines  Domestic registered
Consult the guidelines  International registered