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We are PostNL. The essential link between senders and receivers of mail and parcels. Whether it is online or through our physical networks, we aim to facilitate a seamless connection. We provide our customers with a reliable, trustworthy service and control over their deliveries, whether they are major e-tailers or consumers. And we are always close by: our deliverers reach every address in the Netherlands, through rain, hail, sleet and snow.

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Extend our views

during the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016

During the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016 we ask YOU to broaden our view. To get acquainted with our assets, we offer a subset of PostNL challenges:

  • The first and last mile
  • Hit rate of delivery
  • IDentity
  • Customer in control
  • Mailbox or front door
  • Filling an empty bag

These challenges are within the current scope of PostNL. We will explain these Challenges below these to give you a head start with our assets and data. In addition the overall 4 partner tracks are designed to go beyond about our current innovative practices. We therefore ask you to combine the data of our partners and mix to the max!

We expect you to copy, transform and combine our stuff with yours. During the hackathon we will support you with knowledge about our assets. We will assist you to get the most of our data. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Feel free to share opinions, critiques and rough ideas. Both prior to the hackathon and as we go. We look forward to keep co-creating and building upon your results together with you. This weekend and also after this hackathon!

See below the PostNL challenges, merely a heads up to get you started. In a nutshell, these challenges help you to get acquainted with our assets. But please do challenge us by stretching our assumptions and perspectives.

Hackathon themes

Extend our views PostNL themes with local and global impact

Our challenges

The first and last mile

Improving our hit rate

IDentifying customers

How to get our customers in control

Mailbox or front door

Filling an empty bag