Executive Committee

The Executive Committee advises and supports the Board of Management and comprises the members of the Board of Management and Directors of PostNL (Mail in the Netherlands, Parcels & Logistics), Customer Excellence and HR, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer.

The responsibility for day-to-day management of the PostNL divisions is decentralised on the basis of established standards, requirements and guidelines. The directors of PostNL’s divisions are primarily responsible for developing and executing the business strategy and operational performance of each of their respective segments within the framework set by PostNL’s strategy.

The Executive Committee currently has eight members:

  • Herna Verhagen (CEO and chairperson)
  • Pim Berendsen (CFO) 
  • Resi Becker, responsible for Mail in the Netherlands
  • Arno van Bijnen, responsible for Customer Excellence and Cross Border Solutions
  • Bob van Ierland, responsible for HR
  • Liesbeth Kaashoek, responsible for Parcels & Logistics
  • Marcel Krom, Chief Information Officer, responsible for IT & Growth
  • Bart Delmulle, Chief Digital Officer

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